Affordable Herbs

affordable herbs Affordable herbs are not as difficult to find as you think. Many smaller stores will mark up herbs due to the explosion of interest in the use of herbs for medicinal purposes. Unfortunately, most people (including the shopowners) are not aware of the fact that herbs that originate outside of the United States may have additives. By this I mean chemicals, such as Arsenic, are in higher concentrations in the ground water. When the herbs are cultivated, dried and processed, the chemicals stay with the herbs.

There are so many herbs that are popular now for a variety of treatments such as acne. Prices can range from very expensive to very affordable herbs such as lavender.

If you are purchasing herbs, the most affordable method is through bulk purchase and if possible, find a source locally. Some of the natural food stores do carry bulk herbs and be sure to ask about freshness.

Affordable Herbs To Have Around

Affordable Herbs Online

If you cannot find the herbs you want in your local stores, try looking online. There are many reputable online herbalists who will supply good quality, even organic herbs. Search around on your local internet for shops in the area that others recommend. For those herbs you can't find in your local stores, the next place to look is online. There are many online herbalists who are happy to send you affordable herbs. Here are a few places to look: is a good source of organic herbs from Gaia in California. As I have said before, organic is the way to go. You can never be sure with non-organic, what has been sprayed on the herbs in the form of pesticides. Pesticides may become more concentrated as the herbs are processed and dried. Don't forget, not all things are sprayed on, some are layered on the graond to be absorbed into the plant. is a basic website that sells bulk herbs. If you know what you want this is a good choice.

The Most Affordable Method

The best option of course, is to grow your own herbs. Purchasing seeds is quite inexpensive, usually you can find seeds at garden supply stores and also in seed catalogs.

Ordering unique or heirloom seeds online is much cheaper thatn buying a pound of the finished product. Many herbs are easy to grow, provided you give them plenty of sun and water.

The thing about growing herbs is that they will grow more the more you use and cut them. You can then use those cuttings in your herbal remedies and teas.

When you grow your own herbs, you not only have a supply during the regular growing months, and you can always dry the the extra, or put a part of the plant indoors for the winter.

HINT: Try to grow herbs in containers that are above ground. I can tell you from personal experience that there are several animals (#!) that will gleefully eat your herbs down to the nub! Parsley and dill are two good examples that rabbits love!

But which herb to buy for what condition?

How about beginning with a search of this site to find a topic?

Remember to check back regularly for updates and new information on this site! You can also visit my herb dictionary online for affordable herbs to try for different conditions.

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