Vitamin Chart

Looking for a beautiful vitamin chart? It lists not only the vitamins and minerals, but also where you can get these vitamins from foods you eat. This chart is laminated so it is easy to clean (especially with little fingerprints in the kitchen!)

There is also a listing of common herbs that are a source of vitamins. What more could you ask for? Think of the gourmet cook in your life and what an unusual gift this would be for their kitchen. Not expensive either! fits perfectly on the refrigerator! The size is 14 x 18 inches.

Below is a picture of the chart. I enlarged it so you could see the detail.

vitamin chart

Purchase the Vitamin & Mineral Kitchen Chart NOW!

The reviews are great for this item, over 59% of people who view the chart end up purchasing it. Many find it "fun and informative!"

  • Looking for a way to get the kids to eat properly?
This chart could help! You could allow them to look up the foods on their plates and help figure out what the best choices are. With childhood obesity reaching epidemic levels, everything a parent can do to educated kids on proper eating may save them a lifetime of health issues.

  • What about juicing?
This is all the rage and if you have a blender or juicer, this chart can help. You can easily see which items to choose for your juicer to get vitamins you need.

  • Speaking of juicing, any vegetarians in your life?
Vegetarians are usually very health concious and would appreciate such a lovely vitamin chart.

  • Have a kitchen fanatic or gourmet cook in your life?
The Vitamin & Mineral Kitchen Chart. is a GREAT gift! Aren't you always looking for that "special" item that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?? Here it is. This is fantastic for anyone who just bought their first home, or got their first apartment. What better way to wish someone happiness in their new home, than to give a give that helps with well being.

Shipping is FAST so order one NOW!

Here is where you can purchase the Kitchen Vitamin Chart.

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