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At Herbal Remedies Information you will find information on basic and rarely used herbs, where to buy the best kind and what type (topical or tea?) that you need. There is information on different types of alternative medicine.

Many of us today are suffering from acne, viral infections, hair loss, migraines, and thyroid disorders. There are benefits from alternative therapies that can help with your problems. Herbal remedies have been utilized for centuries and can treat problems without severe side effects.

They have been used by many cultures, including Chinese, Indian, and Native American to heal illness and calm disease states. Some psychological conditions such a depression and anxiety also benefit from herbal remedies. Until the advent of the modern day pharmaceutical companies in the 1900's, herbs and natural remedies were what most people relied upon.

Sources for herbal remedies information comes from a variety of nature's offerings including barks, leaves, flowers and berries and even the roots!

Alternative medicine is now taught in almost every medical program in the United States, resulting in greater acceptance by physicians to the notion that herbal remedies may augment or even replace prescribed medications.

I am a practicing Physician Assistant with over 13 years experience. I have recommended herbs and alternative therapies for years to most of my patients. Here is more about me and my story.

As you browse through this site you will find:

The exploding demand for herbs and alternative therapies points to the fact that many people are starting to take charge of their health. By making proactive choices in healthcare and treatments people may not have to rely on medications to treat all their ailments.

Along with the desire for different health treatments is the recognition that lifestyle changes also play a vital role. Statistics say that people who exercise, on average, live 9-10 years longer than those who don't.

There are different types of alternative medicine practices and although some have shown marvelous results in treating ailments and conditions, unfortunately, a few are grounded in pure quackery. These particular treatments sadly waste many peoples hard earned money and show little to no results. The most common types of alternative medicine is herbal therapy which is the focus of this site. Chiropratic care has shown benefits for those with back ailments. Did you know that when physical therapy was first introduced into the field of medicine many doctors felt it was useless? Since it uses no medications, PT is included in the relm of alternative therapies and relies on manipulations, exercises and ultrasound therapy.

The decision to start use herbal remedies information as a form of alternative therapy to medicine is a personal one. While I would never recommend herbs for an emergency such as a heart attack or a fracture of a bone, there are conditions that can benifit from herbs. Many times the side effects of needed therapy, such as chemotherapy, can be ofset by herbs and vitamins.

Herbal therapy is part of what is known as biological based treatments. This is when a biological such as herbs, tonics, certain foods and vitamins are used to treat a problem. Many times herbal therapy can be combined with medications and could result in the reduction of the amount of medication needed.

But where to start?

How about beginning with a search of Herbal Remedies Information to find a topic?

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