Gout Natural Remedies

Gout natural remedies can help ease gout which is a form of arthritis caused by excess levels of uric acid in the bodys systems. Uric acid is produced from the breakdown of foods. People with this get uric acid crystals in joints, tendons, kedneys and other tissues. This causes inflammation, swelling and pain. This condition occurs more often in men than women.

The first attack is usually intense pain and swelling in the joint of the big toe. The skin becomes stretched, red and shiny, and very sensitive to touch. Because of the swelling, the joint becomes imobile or almost "frozen". Fever and chills may develop. Many times these attacks occur in the evening or at night and are preceeded by eating too much red meat or drinking too much alcohol. Certain vitamins such as niacin in high doses, may also cause this problem.

Crash dieting and obesity are also associated with gout.

Because the crystals can form in the kidneys up to 90% of people with gout have some degree of kidney dysfunction. They can also have kidney stones because of the uric acid crystals. Never had kidney stones? Well if you get one, you will have severe pain in the right or left mid to upper lower back. The pain has been described as if a knife was in your body. Some female patients have told me it was worse than childbirth!

The first attack of gout is rarely the last and most people have another attack within an year. While treatment usually involves anti-inflammatories, and medication to reduce uric acid production, it can also be treated through gout natural remedies. Lifestyle changes are also important.

Gout Herbal Remedies

Bilberry Extract. Take as directed on label.Provides anti-oxidant compounds.
Bromelain Tablets. 250-500mg, 3x/day between meals.Dissolves uric acid crystals, relieves joint inflammation.
Celery Seed Use as directed on label.Contains anti-inflammatory compounds.
Devil's Claw Capsules. 1000-2000mg 3x/day for up to 3 weeks.Relieves short term pain and inflammation.
Iporuru Tincture. Take as directed on label.Stops acute inflammation.
Quercetin Tablets. 125-500mg 3x/day between meals.Keeps uric acid from forming.
Sarsaparilla Capsules. 3000 mg 3x/day.Reduces long term freqency of attacks.

Special Note: If you are allergic to pineapple, do not take bromelain which comes from pinapple. Devel's claw can slow heart rate, so avoid this if you have congestive heart failure. This could potentially cause acute heart failure. Do not use quercetin if you are taking cyclosporine drugs or nifedipine (Procardia).

Gout natural remedies tips: Eat a diet low in purines. This means low amounts of brewer's yeast, herring, sardines and shellfish, in addition to red meat and fish. Try to avoid asparagus and spinach.

To flush uric acid from the body, drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. Avoid alcohol which increases uric acid production.

Do not take aspirin unless directed by your doctor. Aspirin and diuretics (water pills) can trigger a gout attack.

Gout can be a sign of lead poisoning. Make sure you are not cooking with dishes that contain lead or using pitchers with a lead glaze. This leeches into foods and drinks. Be wary of antique plates and china! They are nice to look at, but if produced before 1940, chances are they contain lead based paint.

Eat cherries or take cherry extract which helps prevent gout attacks. One half of a pound of cherries, fresh or canned, per day has been shown to reduce gout flares. Can't tolerate this? Consider juicing the same amount of cherries and drinking the juice. This can be one of the best gout natural remedies.

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