Natural Flu Remedies

Natural flu remedies can be of benefit when exposed to the flu or influenza. The virus has two main types, or strains: A and B. It is the mutations of these strains every so often that causses problems as our immune systems don't recognize the new strain of virus.

Flu is transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets. Coughing and sneezing are usually the problem. Replication begins 4-6 hours after entering the body, and symptoms begin in 2-3 days.

Below is a table with a listing of natural flu remedies for adults and comments about the herbs. For children, use 1/4 of the doses listed.

AniseTea bag, in 1 cup water 3x/day.Stimulates mucus production to clear cough.
BonesetTake as directed on label.Expectorant
CatnipTea bag in 1 cup water as desired.Relieves digestive problems.
CayennePowder. Add a pinch to foods.Keeps mucus flowing, aids in congestion.
Echinacea plus EupatoriumTablets. 900mg/day; eupatorium(dried leaves only) tea in 1 cup hot water. Relieves flu symptoms. Eupatorium increases effect of echinacea.
ElderberryTake as directed on label. Speeds recovery and prevents re-infection.
GarlicTablets 900mg/day Prevents bacterial infections that may develop with flu.
Ginger1/3 tsp poweder in 1 cup water 3x/day.Relieves congestion and scratchy throat.
LicoriceTea bag in 1 cup water 3x/day for 2 weeks.Accelerates healing.
OshaTincture. Take as directed on label.Contains Z-Ligusticide which kills both A and B strains.

Special Note: Avoid echinacea if you have autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or HIV. Do not use fritillaria if you are pregnant, nursing or if you have high blood pressure.

Do not take omega oils or flaxseed oils dufring flu attacks. These oils might prevent the body's normal immune process from clearing the virus.

Take all young children and adults over 65 to a physician at the first sign of the flu. These populations are at higher risk for severe infection and may need stronger treatment such as anti-viral medications. If there is a severe flu outbreak do not try to treat this with herbs alone.

Vitamin C is a good flu preventative. Take 2000-4000mg per day.

Flu vaccines are effective only if directed towards the appropriate flu strain. If you are allergic to eggs you cannot get the shot as it is developed in chicken eggs.

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