Herbal Remedies For Acne

Herbal remedies for acne can be quite successful. Acne is just another problem that can be effectively treated with herbs. Herbal remedies for acne are safe and effective as well for various skin types.

Acne is a skin disorder which has blackheads, whiteheads, and some pimples that are nodular, under the skin and may have pus in them. Acne does not result from dirty skin.

Testosterone is the culprit here! Increased production stimulates the skin to produce greater quanities of oil, resulting in blocked pores. Factors contributing to acne are:

  • Stress
  • Heredity
  • Oily Skin
  • Hormone imbalances resulting in greater testosterone

Because testosterone is higher in males than in females, boys generally have more acne than girls, especially during the teen years when hormonal changes are taking place.

Adults can have acne too! For women these flare ups after puberty are often triggered by premenstrual release of progesterone. Birth control pills can also cause acne.

Conventional Acne Treatment

Herbal remedies for acne

Medical treatmens for acne include anti-biotics and doses of Vitamin A. Anti-biotics are effective only if they are taken for long periods, which can lead to other problems such as yeast infections.

Vitamin A is usually safe, but if taken in doses over 20,000 units per day for long periods will result in liver damage. It can also result in birth defects if and unexpected pregnancy happens. Accutane, a drug prescribed for acne has been known to cause birth defects as it is a form of vitamin A. Herbal remedies for acne generally do not carry these risks. Some herbal treatments are applied externally, while others are taken interally.

One of the best ways to treat acne is to combine oral and topical treatments. I have reviewed several combinations and one of the best herbal remedies for acne can be found in a topical cream with benzoyl peroxide AND those herbs mentioned above that sooth the skin.

Here is information on external (topical) acne herb treatments.

Here is information on internal(oral) natural acne treatment.

Read about more herbs at the Herb Dictionary Online.

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