Herbal Remedies Chart

This is a wonderful herbal remedies chart. The print is an old fashioned type and the most common herbal remedies are listed. Each herb has its most common uses displayed for fast reference.

As quick herbal guide, this is great! It would look wonderful in a simple frame in a kitchen too. Your friends will find it a great topic of discussion when they come to visit and you can show off your herbal knowledge!

What about an inexpensive but unique gift?? For the holidays, this could be a great stocking gift.

Here is where you can purchase the Herbal RemediesChart

Below is a close up of the font used in the chart. You can see how vibrant the colors are. The full size is 22x30 inches and fits perfectly on a refrigerator.

herbal remedies

To purchase one of these great charts (which would make a unique and great gift). You can click here for the Herbal Remedies Wall Chart

Shipping is FAST so order one NOW!

Just think how beautiful this chart will be for the gormet cook, organic gardener or the alternative therapies person in your life. You can use it as a quick reference when looking for the definition of herbs...almost like your own herbal dictionary, in chart form!

This chart is a great unique gift for less than $20.

Yes, I want the Herbal Remedies Chart now!

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