Natural Weight Loss Remedies

Natural weight loss remedies are available and effective. Being overweight is defined as exceeding the recommended weight for your height and body (but you knew that already right?)

The problem is not really the concept of weight but FAT. Excessive body fat can lead to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers. Did know know that obesity is the most common cause of stroke? Yup..not cholesteral or hypertension..obesity.

The key to losing and maintaining effective weight loss is to consume fewer calories than you expend..sounds simple doesn't it? No matter what others tell you this is the key and you MUST exercise. Exercise plays two roles in weight loss. First it expends calories and second it builds muscle mass which in turn increases your metabolic rate. Then you burn more calories! This helps maintain weight loss.

Regaining lost weight does not mean loss of will power. Insulin and leptin hormones are produced by the body depending on the body's fat ratio. As you drop pounds, less of these hormones are made and the brain perceives this. The result is activation of the appetite centers in the brain and you start eating more!

Compounding this is a change in the body's resting metabolism which slows as you diet. You burn less calories. However, if muscle mass is built up during this time this may not happen.

Therefore, natural weight loss remedies, like anything else, are not a magical cure for being overweight. You should combine these with a sensible eating and exercise program.

Aloe vera Juice. Take as directed on label.Improves digestion and cleanses digestive tract.
Astragalus Capsule or tincture. Take as directed on label.Increases energy and improves nutrient absorption.
Dandelion Tincture. 10-15 drops in 1/4 c. water 3x/day.Gentle diuretic.
EphedraTincture. 15 drops in 1/4 c water 3x/day.Promotes fat loss. May increase heart rate. Can interact with medications.
Garcinia cambogia Citrin. Take as directed on label.Keeps fatty acids from being stored as fats.
Mate Tea bags 1 cup daily.Simulated calorie burning.
Angelica Capsules. 500-1500 mg/day.Prevents weight gain caused by excess insulin.

Tips: Drink plenty of water. Food contains 70-90% water and when you eat less food you consume less water. Combined with fiber rich foods, water can help you feel full up to 5 hours after eating.

Get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and try to stay away from processed packaged foods which are high in salt and chemicals. Learn to cook for yourself! Package portions and freeze them to have on hand for those days when you just don't want to cook or don't have time.

Get regular aerobic and strength building exercise. This means walking and/or jogging 3 miles a day every day of the year! Aerobic exercise should make you sweat (clothes wet and hair wet!) and at times you should be slightly out of breath. This burns more calories and builds muscle mass. Always check with your doctor before beginning any strenuous exercise program. Go slow and build up to the best work out for you.

Artificial sweetners are not one of the natural weight loss remedies. Saccarin saves calories but promote insulin production which encourage the deposit of fatty acids into fat cells. Aspartame decreases appetite, but also causes weight gain by hindering protein digestion. If you get less protein in your system, you body tends to store glucose in fat cells.

At times, chronic constipation can affect dieting. The reverse is true also, chronic dieting can lead to constipation. Learn more about constipation natural remedies.

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