Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

Aloe vera common name: aloe, lily family

Aloe vera juice benefits range from sunburn to treatment of Chron's Disease. Aloe vera plant is native to Africa but found around the world. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It is a perennial that can grow to two feet with flowers of yellow or orange. The leaves contain a clear gel that can be applied directly to the skin while the dried yellow sap taken from the leaf base, aloe bitters, is used internally.

The juice and bitters of this plant have been found to be an immune system stimulant, a laxative and an anti-inflammatory agent. It also promotes the absorption of nutrients through the digestive tract and can normalize blood sugar. Aloe vera juice benfits include the following health conditions:

Medicinal Uses Of Aloe Vera Juice

  • Burns and skin wounds. Aloe vera sap promotes skin immune cells to fight infection, also it is a mild anesthetic, reduces pain and swelling of sunburns.
  • Cancer. Prevents carcinogens from entering the liver, enhances effects of Cytoxan and 5-FU, protects immune system and skin from radiation effects.
  • Constipation. Aloe bitters are more effective than aloe juices. It is gentler on the GI system than senna or cascara.
  • Chron's disease. Effective anti-inflammatory, ensures soft stools. Avoid bitters and laxative preparation as it may promote intestinal cramping.
  • Frostbite. Cream preparation helps prevent tissue loss to area, improves blood flow to area.
  • Hemorrhoids. Gel helps heal wounds. 1/2 cup of juice 3x/day helps calm flares.
  • Kidney stones. Bitters slows the rate of crystal formation in kidneys.
  • Skin. Cream preparation 3x/day reduces psoriasis flares, also reduces skin damage from radiation therapy.
  • Ulcers. Juice heals ulcers caused by GERD or overuse of anti-inflammatories.

Considerations For Use

aloe vera, aloe vera sunburn

NEVER drink aloe bitters or juice without first discussing with your doctor. There have been reported cases of deaths due to hypokalemia (lowered potassium) in patients who took it while on chemotherapies.

Use aloe gels for skin problems, bitters for constipation and kidney stones and the juice for other disorders listed. Use the gel from leaves at least one foot long cut in mid afternoon. Do not let the gel dry out because as it does, it will oxidize and lose its benefits. It is always best to find the highest purity and quality from manufacturers of Aloe who grow their own which reduces processing times and thereby oxidation.

Bitters and juice should NOT be taken internally if pregnant or nursing, although the gel may be used externally. Take any laxative preparation at different times from prescription drugs as when taken together, the laxative affects the absorbtion of the drug.

aloe vera juice benefits if taken over 2 weeks, is not recommended as it may cause potassium depletion. Be especially careful if taking any lithium compounds which also may deplete potassium and sodium. The same if you are taking diuretics for hypertension. Potassium levels must stay within a certain range so that the heart can beat normally.

Researchers have debated the risk of colon cancer with chronic use of aloe vera juice benefits (or any laxative abuse). Use over 20 weeks may damage colon cells resulting in a 3% risk of damage and about 4% of those will go on to develop colon cancer. Like anything else it is about balance in life, not "more is better".

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