Damiana Liqueur

Turnera diffusa common name: Mexican damiana, old woman's broom

Damiana liqueur is often touted as the damiana aphrodisiac. Is this true or is damiana tea better? And just what is damiana?

This herb is an aromatic shrub found in hot and humid areas such as Texas, Mexico, Central America and the Baja penisula. The leaves are harvested for medicinal use in the summer when the plant is in flower.

Long used by the Mayan civilization, it has the reputation of being an aphrodisiac for both men and women. It also has stimulating and restorative properties making it a good choice for people suffering from depression or anxiety.

What Is Damiana?

Damiana liqueur has been used for the aphrodisiac properties, but the tincure or the tea may be equally as good. The testoterogenic (promotes testosterone) properties are what help men with sexual dysfunction. It may also help women who suffer from severe pain during menstruation and even menstrual headaches. This is because raising the testoterone slightly in women will cause the body to lower estrogen which causes severe cramps and migraines during the periods.

damiana Damiana usually is not taken alone if you are considering this. Although the liqueur is supposed to have sexual stimulating properties, most people benefit more from regular use of tincture or tea taken daily. This is because longer use increases its potency and helps regulate sex hormones.

For treatment of specific conditions, it is usually combined with other herbs for maximum benefit.

Higher doses may produce a sensation of feeling "high" but also produces lethargy and may lead to diarrhea.

Damiana Herb Benefits

This herb has several conditions in which is used for specific health benefits:

  • Depression. Has natural MAO inhibitor properties as one of the herbal remedies for depression.
  • Prostate cancer. May help regulate male hormone levels.
  • Male impotence. As an herbal sexual remedy, can be combined with muira puama to increase frequency of intercourse and help maintain erections.
  • Menopause. May increase sex drive by increasing testosterone, also may reduce hot flashes.
  • Urinary tract infections. May treat cystitis. Contains arbutin which convers to hydoquinone in the body. Hydroquinone is a strong urinary tubule antiseptic.

Damiana Side Effects

Damiana side effects can include diarrhea if too high of a dose is taken. It can also interfer with iron absorption if taken in higher doses.

Both damiana herb and damiana liqueur can lower blood sugars. People with diabetes should use this herb with caution as it interacts with several diabetes medications. These drugs include glypizide (Glucotrol), glyburide (Diabeta, glynase, Micronase), tobutamide (Orinase), metformin (Glucophage), acarbose (Precose), troglitazone (Rezulin), pioglitazone (Actos), rosiglitazone (Avandia), and others.

Additionally, because of the MAO inhibitor effect, you should not take this herb if taking an SSRI for depression as they can interact. SSRI's include Prozac, Lexapro, Zoloft, Celexa and others.

Widely used as a food flavoring, it does contain low levels of cyanide like compounds, there for should NOT be given to children, nursing mothers, pregnant women, or anyone with liver and/or kidney failure.

Damina liqueur should not be consumed by people with a history of breast cancer (due to hormone influences), Alzheimer's or Parkinsons Disease.

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