Dandelion Herb Dictionary

Taraxacum officinale common name: dandelion

Dandelion herb dictionary, and dandelion root tea have several uses, but most commonly they are used as a diuretic, helping both the kidneys and liver remove toxins from the blood. Seen in the United States as mostly a weed in the lawns, it is grown in China and in Germany as an herb. The leaves have long been used in salads, and also are used to make teas. After two years, the roots can be cultivated in the fall. This is when the greates concentration of the carbohydrate inulin can be used for tinctures and tablets.

It is a very potassium rich plant and contains beta-carotenes. It has been used as a diuretic, laxative and to stimulate the appetite. When abscesses occur in the body, particularly in the breast, dandelion may reduce the size of the abscess.

The leaves of this plant can be a strong diuretic and the roots are used as liver support to remove toxins. It makes an excellent remedy for those looking for an herbal remedy to chronic bladder issues.

Benefits Of Dandelion In Health Conditions

  • Anemia. Contains potassium, iron and carotene to combate anemia, also known as low blood cell counts.
  • Bladder infections and PMS. As a diuretic, dandelion helps with bladder infections. For PMS it relieves the bloating associated with menses.
  • Constipation. The root acts as a mild bitter which stimulates gastric and GI secretions, also bile production.As a result, the GI tract starts "moving", not remaining static or constipated.
  • Liver and gallstones. Avoid if you already have gallstones, but the increase in bile production may prevent gallstone formation.
  • Osteoporosis. Is a rich source of boron and calcium, both of which are used in maintaining bone health and could help prevent bone loss.
  • Diuretic. Diuretic properties, but studies are mixed. Could be due to the effects of potassium.

Considerations For Use

Dandelion is found in tablets, tea and tincture form. You may have to search a bit and once again I only recommmend organic forms.
dandelion This herb may increase stomach pain so if you have an ulcer or a history of gallstones, do not use it. It also should not be used as a substitute for pharmaceutical diuretics such as lasix or hydrochlorothiazide. If diabetic and taking insulin, use only under a doctor's supervision. It has been known to have side effects inlcuding heartburn and diarrhea.

Anyone with a known allergy to plant such as chamonmile or yarrow should not use dandelion.

Dandelion interacts with the following antibiotics thereby lowering the dose of antibiotic: ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, lomefloxacin, nofloxacin, and enoxacin. Buy interfering the these medications, they may not fight off the infection the way they are supposed to.

If taking lithium, toxicity to it may become worse because of sodium depletion (diuresis). Caution if taking medications for diabetes as adding in this herb could cause hypoglycemia.

Read more about herbs at the herb dictionary online.

In summary, Dandelion herb dictionary can be a great herb for chronic constipation without all the side effects. It has benefits for bladder problems.


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