Ear Infection Prevention

herbal remedies for ear infections Ear infection prevention with alternative methods is not all that difficult. A few things to change the lifestyle of your home and that of your child can make all the difference in reducing this child's number of infections.

One of the problems with treating ear infections with antibiotics is that the most commonly prescribed antibiotic, amoxicillin, can sometimes be no more effective than placebo if the cause of infection is not known. Addtionally, many strains of bacteria (if it is a bacterial infection) are now resistant to amoxicillin.

What to do? Well below are listed some common sense changes you can make within the home, in addition to herbs you can use on a regular basis to prevent recurrent otitis media.

  • Echinacea used by itself can prevent infections. Use liquid extract, 1/4 tsp by mouth 3x per day for up to two weeks if people in the house are sick.
  • Children who chew Xylitol gum twice a day have 40% less ear infections than those who don't. Xylitol is a sweetener that prevents bacterial growth.
  • Steam inhalation of chamomile, elderbery flowers and lemon balm soothes irritation and relieves pain.
  • Use room humidifiers. Dry air induces nasal swelling, causing increased secretions and inability to clear fluid.
  • The lowest frequency of ear infections are in children from smoke free homes and those who were breast fed.
  • Food allergies aggravate middle ear infections. Controlling food allergies eases symptoms.

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echinacea, herbs for ear infections
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