Grey Hair Natural Remedies

Grey hair natural remedies may or may not work depending on existing medical conditions. There are several conditions that can cause grey hair and even whiten hair.

First you must understand what causes loss of hair pigment and color. The skin contains melanocytes which are responsible for skin pigmentation or color. The more melanocytes, the darker the skin. The fewer the amount of melanocytes, the fairer the skin.

Hair follicles also have melanocytes which gives hair its color. Again the concept is the same as in the skin. Blondes have less melanocytes in their hair than people with dark hair. As we age, melanocytes in hair follicles stop producing color. The hair follicles continue to grow and make hair, but the color slowly goes from gray to white. The timing of getting gray is genetically determined but there are conditions that make it happen a bit faster. In other words, if one of your parents went grey early in life, then most probably you will too.

Conditions causing grey hair include:

  • Thyroid conditions (hypothyroid)
  • Vitiligo where the skin and hair lose melanocytes.
  • Prolonged unrelieved stress
  • Prolonged Vitamin B12 deficiency which can come from poor diet or GI surgical procedures such as gastric bypass.
  • Early menopause
  • Smoking which causes lower oxygen to skin and hair (wrinkles and grey hair!)
  • Genetics, both in women and men

At the present time there are no research studies indicating that anything can reverse greying of hair. I know we all want this as we age, but honestly your best choice is to cover the hair with hair color.

Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda medicine of India believe that greying hair is a sign of an underyling problem. One of the recommendations is to take kelp or seaweed, but this supplement contains iodine. Excess amounts of iodine for grey hair natural remedies could actually cause thyroid problems, thereby making the hair issue worse. At the present time I would not recommmend doing this.


Clearly, if you have a thyroid condition then this must be corrected. With hypothyroidism, it may cause not only grey hair, but also thinning hair. For women this may actually mimic male pattern baldness.

While thyroid problems can be corrected, unfortunately, vitiligo can not. This loss of pigment in the skin results in patches of very pale skin that may increase in size and frequency.

You can do something about smoking and vitamin deficiencies. There is no easy way around it, smoking does nothing but cause harm to every living cell in the human body and that includes the hair shaft. Unfortunately, if you start to loose hair color because you smoke, stopping will not restore the color to the hair.

I caution many patients against Chinese remedies imported from China as these most probably contain some arsenic. The groundwater there suffers from run off of all the arsenic used to preserve wood, therefore grey hair natural remedies that are Chinese may be dangerous. If this remedies are made in the United States, however, they most probably are safe.

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