Herbs Menopause Relief

Below are the most commonly used herbs for menopause relief. Many of these herbs are available in combination to treat menopause, but you can find them separately.

Don't forget: lifestyle can also improve symptoms of menopause. Regular exercise really reduces hot flashes and restores sleep. By regular I mean sweating 3 times a week! Deep breathing exercises also help with hot flashes and are recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Aloe Gel apply to vagina at night.Relieves vaginal dryness.
Black cohosh Tablets. 500-100mg/day.Increases vaginal lubrication, relieves headache, muscle ache; stops irregular bleeding.
Blue cohosh Tablets. 250mg 3x/day.Relieves hot flashes.
Calendula Cream apply as directed on label.Relieves vaginal itching.
Damiana Tincture. 1/2 tsp in 1/4c water 2-3x/day.Restores sexual desires while reducing hot flashes.
Dong quai Angelica sinensis tablets. 250-500mg/day.Increases circulation, protects heart, increases effectiveness of other herbs.
Panax ginseng Panax ginseng tincture. Take as directed on label.Stops hot flashes, increases estrogen in early menopause. Taken with Vit E increases effects.
Red clover Capsules. 500mg 1-2x/day.Relieves abdominal pain.
Sarsaparilla Extract. 1 tsp 4x/day.Restores libido.
Valerian Tablets. 50-100mg 1 hour before bed.Relieves anxiety and insomnia.


Do not take any of the above herbs if you think you are pregnant. Do not use damiana if you are anemic or have chronic bleeding. Different forms of Dong quai have different effects on the uterus..make sure you use the one specified above.

Looking for a Menopause Relief Tonic?

Ok...so what if you don't want to take all of those herbs separately? You can get a great tonic from Native Remedies. There are many marvelous reviews on their site, and what is especially great is that the remedies are organic.

Mellowpause is a natural remedy for menopause that can be taken every day to prevent flushes and sweats. If you have read other parts of this site, you know that I really love the idea of organics in herbal use. No problems with Native Remedies, and they have an excellent reputation.

Buy MellowPause for Menopause at Native Remedies!

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