Kidney Cancer

(Renal Cell Carcinoma)

Kidney cancer has several different forms, but the most kidney cancer, kidney disease common type is renal cell carcinoma. It affects men twice as often as women and usually occurs in the fifties. Exact cause is not known, but it is associated with smoking and high fat diets, also heavy caffeine consumption and diets high in protein.

Symptoms include blood in the urine, flank pain, and an abdominal mass that the doctor can feel. These symptoms rarely occur all together as kidney stones also have the same symptoms as do infections. Cancer diagnosis must be confirmed by a biopsy. It may spread in the early stages to the lung and immune system, however if not spreading, removal of the kidney may control the cancer.

Treatment includes radiation and possibly interleukin-2 (IL-2). Chemotherapy may be used but this type of cancer is resistent to many drug

Beneficial Herbs In Kidney Cancer

Astralagus Capsules. 500-1000mg 3x/day.Inhibits spread of cancer, stimulates immune system T cells and NK cells.
Cat's Claw Tincture. Dosage on label in 1/2c.water, 1tsp lemon juice.Stimulates NK (natural killer) cells.
LentinanInjection given by healthcare provider.Activates LAK and NK cells to attacke kidney cancer cells.
Licorice Glycyrrhizin tablets. 600mg/day under doctor supervision.Reduces inflammation.
Reishi Tablets. 3gms 3x/day.Reduces swelling and stimulates production of IL-2.
Siberian Ginseng Pure extract. Take as directed on label in 1/4 c water.Useful in cancers that respond to immunotherapy.

Herbs To Avoid In Kidney Cancer

Do not use astragalus if you have a fever of a skin infection. Do not use cat's claw if you are pregnant, nursing or have diabetes.

You should also avoid mate, which increases the risk of developing kidney cancer, especially in people who eat alot of beef.


Drink plenty of fluids, especially grape juice. Get 20 minutes of sun per day which stimulates the skin to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D helps prevent the spread to the bones.

There are things you can do to prevent cancers.Eat a healthy diet to prevent cancer. "Strive For Five"--five servings of fruits and vegetables per day may reduce your risk of cancer by 80%. Taking a daily multi-vitamin and exercising several times a week can also help prevent cancers.

And of course the BIGGEST thing you can do to prevent cancer is stop smoking. It affects every single cell in your body, not just your lungs. It suppresses your body's natural immune system and there for, if you get a cancerous cell somewhere, your body can'd destroy it.

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