Oil Of Oregano Facts: Benefits Of Oil Of Oregano

Origanum vulgare common name:oregano, mountain mint, wild marjoram

Oil of oregano facts have long included the debate about the benfits of oil of oregano.

There has been alot written on the internet about the uses and benefits of oil of oregano.At this point it has turned into quite the debate. Honestly, most of it is hype. To date, there have been no large clinical studies that would point to benefits of this herb. In reviewing many of the top sites that "promote" the use of this, they claim that university studies have been done..but none are listed! I looked in several books and journals and could not find any.

oil of oreganoWe all know that it has been used in cooking and makes Italian dishes great! But the oil has not been proven to have any benefits when taken orally on a daily basis.

Although I could say you might want to try it for mild skin infections, I would not recommend daily use of the oral form. What is of concern here is the fact that allergic reactions of throat swelling and rash have been reported. Also, it may cause menstrual cramping which is not really something any woman would want!

Uses Of Oil Of Oregano

Historically, people have used the oil for the following:
  • Skin infections. The oil, when diluted acts as an anti-bacterial and an anti-fungal.
  • Scalp treatments. Some people have added a few drops to commercial shampoos.
When Oil of Oregano is put directly on the skin, it can help with itching, minor infections and even irritation of the gums. Be careful though, straight oil can burn a but so it is best to dilute it first. Most of the time, many people will mix a few drops with olive oil or coconut oil before applying to the area. One drop of oregano oil to a teaspoon of olive oil is ususally sufficient.

Cautions In Use

Pregnant women with morning sickness should not use this herb or the oil. You should not use it if you have a history of miscarriages as it may induce menstrual cramping.

If you have allergies to the mint or sage family (also thyme and basil) you should not take this or even apply topically.

Adviser your healthcare provider if you suspect you are anemic as this herb could affect this condition.

Although useful for gallstones, you should not take the tea or capsules if you have gallbladder infections or inflammation or any other gallbladder disorder.

For more information visit my herb dictionary online.

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